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府中市のシューズメーカー『ニチマン』直営ショップに併設されたカフェ『Vulca CAFE』。スタイリッシュな空間で楽しめるのは、オリジナルのブレンドコーヒーに合うようにとオーナーの廣畑順哉さんが考案したメニューの数々だ。中でもイチオシは、3種類の小麦粉を独自にブレンドし、天然酵母で発酵させた生地を香ばしく焼き上げるベルギーワッフル。ローズマリーとクリームチーズを取り合わせたひと品など、広島県内でも珍しいヨーロッパスタイルの食事系ワッフルを提供している。


「僕は市外の出身で、府中っ子じゃないのがかえって良いのかもしれない」と笑う廣畑さん。彼は常に一歩離れた視点から府中市を俯瞰し、飲食の分野から街の新たな魅力づくりに取り組んでいる。実際に『Vulca CAFE』は遠方からの来客が多く、『恋のはじまり』もリピーターが続出中。 客観的な視点から市内外のファンを増やし、府中を盛り上げる店の今後に要注目。

Whether you live far away, you will want to visit to this place. This is the cafe making people want to come.

This is the Cafe named “Vulca CAFE” standing next to the shop of Fuchu shoes maker “Nichiman”.What you can enjoy in a stylish space is a lot of menus that suit perfectly for the original blended coffee that owner Junya HIROHATA invented.Recommendation is Belgian waffle which blends three kinds of wheat flour and baked dough fermented with natural yeast fragrantly.This cafe offers waffles as a staple in European style which is rare in Hiroshima prefecture, such as products with rosemary and cream cheese.
HIROHATA-san said “We’re aiming to be the cafe that customer want to come to visit from far away, and hope those who come to this place have a great fun at Fuchu.”
Only light meals are prepared at this cafe, because he want let customer to eat main dishes at different restaurant.
It’s aiming to increase the tourism in the city.

He is not from Fuchu-shi. That is why he can see this city objectively so that getting many funs.

HIROHATA-san started to develop souvenirs to appeal more about Fuchu.
He wanted to make it loved by many people, so finally developed Pudding as classic sweets loved by adults and children.
It’s the pudding named “The beginning of love” which contain a lot of story, and sweet alcohol named “feeling of love” made by local miso maker is used for it.
It is so sweet and easy to eat, so it is preferred for a wide range of people.
He said that he was not born in this city and it might be better thing.
He is now working on creating a new attraction of the city from the field of cafe with an objective viewpoint.
In fact customers are many visitors from a distance, “beginning of love” has acquired many fans.
Since he has increased the number of fans both inside and outside the city, let’s pay attention to the future of the Cafe.


営業時間:10:00から18:00 ※金・土曜日は20:00から24:00も営業

Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00 ※ Additionally Open on Saturday and Sunday from 20:00 to 24:00
Closed: open 365 days per year
74-1 Fuchu-cho Fuchu-shi Hiroshima Pref