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Natural and pleasant. "Serveing as a foil for living"

Joge town in Fuchu city has been prosperous as a production area of picture frames decorating calligraphy work, since calligraphy has been popular since ancient times.
“Dentoukougei” is a company founded as a manufacturing company for picture frames, folding screen, tea ceremony etc. in this town.
In order to respond to changes of demand, this company changed to furniture manufacturer from 2012.
They manufactured tools such as picture frames and folding screens for many years in past, so they think that furniture is the things which serve as a foil of living.
Therefore, what they pursue with the original brand “LISCIO” is the natural design that fits naturally in the room and feeling of use that is easy to use naturally in life.
The same processing as the surface is also done on the back side of the board, so that you can feel a smooth texture at the moment of moving the chair and carrying the table.

Through experience of making things by themself, they want you to know the fun of woodworking.

What they are most concerned about in processing is finish polishing and oil painting.
Craftsmen will polish and verify the feel with hands and polish again and again until it becomes very smooth texture.
And the oil painting making its appearance of the tree changes as if life was blown in is a process called “climax of woodworking”.
However, the difficulty of finishing work is hard to convey to consumers, so this company places a greater emphasis on experience events.
For example, in the assembly type speaker kit made in collaboration with “Hobonichi”, polishing and oil painting processes are prepared.
“Through events that convey the charm and pleasure of woodworking, we believe that we can create new customers and recruit” said president “Toshihiko HUKUMAKI”.
“Dentoukougei” continues to hold woodworking workshops both inside and outside the company, and is focusing on conveying the fun of creating something for a wide range of generations.


定休日:日曜日 ※不定期で土曜日も休業

Opening hours: 8: 30 to 17: 00
Closed Friday: Sunday ※ Closed on Saturdays irregularly
1503 Shinami Joge-cho Fuchu-shi Hiroshima Pref