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They are companies that change from a just signboard business to a transmission information business and propose the best signboard advertisement.

“Tateishi Kobisha” was opend before 42 years as sign maker of town in Fuchu city.
Signboard industry requires various knowledge covering building structure, electrical wiring, design, laws and regulations, and is also called “technology department store”.
They have developed their own information communication tools such as handwritten signboards, digital signage and LED electric light display system by themselves using their knowledge and skills cultivated since their foundation.
This is why it’s possible for them to respond customer’s custom order and developing as an information communication business.
Through experiences working on thousands of signboards and business trip to the US with all the employees, it is possible to provide the best advertisement to express the message that client have.
This is the strength as “Tateishi Kobisha”.

With the pride as "sign maker in Town", the business related to the Olympic Games and disaster is also ongoing.

New projects are underway with major companies such as projects related to the Tokyo Olympic Games held in 2020 and electronic paper that can be displayed for 72 hours even at the time of power outages.
However, they are particular about placing a base in Fuchu-shi.
They are still doing a lot of work around Fuchu city, and they are trusted very much by local companies with their unchanged and sincere work.
“Many people migrate from the city of Fuchu to the city center to make a living because there are few attractive enterprises in the area”.
This is how they are understanding about.
That’s why they are trying to express that there are companies that are full of charm and rewarding in Fuchu city showing their creativity and playing active role with clients nationwide.
With pride as a “sign maker in Town” that they have been holding since established, “Tateishi Kobisha” will actively challenge the business that matches the times based on Fuchu city.


営業時間:8:00から17:00 ※工場見学の時間・内容は応相談
定休日:土・日曜日、祝日 ※不定期で土曜営業

Opening Hours: 8: 00-17: 00 ※ Time and contents of factory tour are negotiable
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays ※ Open sundays on irregularly
114 Kanan-cho Fuchu-chi Hiroshima Pref
★ Business hours and holidays are available at the employment information page of the official website. Confirmation is necessary ★