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府中味噌の風味を活かしたドーナツや府中の名産・諸田ごぼうを練り込んだクッキーなど、地元にちなんだスイーツを多数生み出している『パティスリー パンセ』。今年で創業140年を迎える老舗の洋菓子店だ。明治12年の開業当時は和菓子店としてスタートしたが、先代である5代目店主が洋菓子の専門店へと生まれ変わらせた。そして現店主の6代目パティシエ・丸尾洋介さんは、府中らしさを伝える新スイーツの開発と並行しながら、4代目店主である自身の祖父が和菓子屋時代に作っていたカステラなどの商品を現代風にアレンジして復活させ、温故知新のラインアップで店を盛り立てる。



The store of sweets of the 140th anniversary of our foundation has produced a lot of local sweets.

“Patisserie-pance” is the store that produces many sweets named after locally, such as donuts making use of the flavor of Fuchu Miso and cookies with burdocks taken in Fuchu.
This shop will celebrates 140th anniversary this year.
At the time of opening in 1879, it started as a shop for Japanese sweets, but the fifth generation shop owner made it reborn as a specialty shop for Western sweets.
And Yousuke MARUO who is the sixth generation of the shop owner is developing a new sweetness that conveys the Fuchu seasonality.
At same time, He arranges sweets such as Castella made by his grandfather who is the shop owner of the 4th generation in contemporary style and challenges with new items.

Despite being a community-based store, he is spreading the attraction of Fuchu outside Hiroshima prefecture.

In the year of 140 anniversary, 15 years after moving from diffrent place, Maruo-san developed Baumkuchen with a moist texture baked in the oven.
Baumkuchen of the stump motif also links to the image of “Woodcruft town Fuchu”.
It is also a point to use white miso of Fuchu instead of salt.
While it is a community-based store with a large number of regular customers, it also expands sales channels outside the prefecture, such as selling at regional specialized stores in Tokyo “NEKI”.
But “I feel that even local people do not recognize well the shop yet” he said.
And he also said “I want to incorporate customer’s voice and opinions of staff and make sweets loved by more people”.
He will continue to disseminate the attractiveness of Fuchu widely both inside and outside of the prefecture through the only one sweets in the future.


定休日:月曜日・第2火曜日 ※イベント・祝日・盆・正月の場合変更あり

Opening hours: 10: 00-19: 00
Closed : Monday · 2nd Tuesday ※ except for Events · Holidays · Bon · New Year’s
506-1 Fuchu-cho Fuchu-shi Hiroshima Pref