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日本人に古くから親しまれてきた“漬物”。余計なものを加えず、からだにやさしい“昔ながらの漬物”を再現し、次世代に引き継ごうと奮闘しているのが『中村屋 大清』の中村大三郎さんだ。夫婦二人三脚で、野菜の下処理から漬床づくりまで、全て手作業で仕込んだ無添加の漬物を販売している。特に注目したいのが、毎朝、翌日に売る量だけを漬けるぬか漬。「ぬか床はどんどん熟成が進むものだから、毎日かき混ぜて、塩分や水分を調整しなきゃいけない。何日も漬けっぱなしには出来ないんだよ。それに床から出したてがいちばん美味しいから、作り置きも絶対にしない」と中村さん。その言葉通り、『中村屋 大清』のぬか漬は噛むと野菜の水分がじゅわっと口に広がり、驚くほどに瑞々しい。まろやかな味わいで、子どもでもパクパク食べられる。


少量生産について、中村さんは「必要以上に儲けても仕方がないよね、という気持ちもある。もちろん、企業として利益を追求するのは自然だし必要なこと。でも僕は“どうしたらもっと売れるか”よりも、“どうしたらもっと良いものが作れるか”を考えていたい」とも語る。『中村屋 大清』は誤解を恐れず言えば、効率化とは無縁の店だ。どれだけ手間がかかろうと、いかに添加物に頼らず美味しいものが作れるかを研究し続けている。それは中村さんの「昔を振り返って、日本の伝統食の素晴らしさを再発見し、継承したい」という強い意志ゆえ。「ぬか床の発酵をより促せるよう、最近は保管場所を改めているんだよね」と、常に改善点を見つけて実行する中村さんの漬物は、“昔”を重んじつつも日々進化し続けている。

Take over traditional Japanese food to the next generation.

Pickles have been popular among Japanese people for a long time.
He does not add unnecessary things, reproduces the “old-fashioned pickles” that are friendly to the body and is struggling to take over to the next generation.
Mr and Mrs sell non-additive pickles charged manually, from the treatment of vegetables to the preparation of a pickle bed.
Especially noteworthy is the rice bran pickled every morning only the amount to sell the next day.
“Since the rice bran is going to aged more and more, they have to stir every day and adjust salt and moisture. I can not keep it for days. And it is the best delicious freshly delivered from the tray, so I will never keep it for a long time”, Nakamura-san said.
As he says, his rice bran has great moisture in vegetables and is surprisingly fresh.
With a mellow taste, even children can eat a lot.

His wish is "he want to make better things" than "he want to sell more"

Nakamura-san describes about small volume production.
“There is a feeling that it can not be helped if you make more money than necessary. Of course, it is natural and necessary to pursue profits as a company. But I would like to think about How can I make better things than How can I sell more?”
To be honest, it is a shop that does not relate to efficiency improvement.
No matter how much effort it takes, he continues to study how delicious can be made without using additives.
Because he has a strong intention to rediscover the wonderfulness of Japanese traditional food looking back on the past and inherit it.
He recently changed the storage place so that it can encourage the fermentation of the branch bed more.
His pickle which he always finds and carries out improvements continues to evolve day by day respecting the old days.


営業時間:9:30から19:00 ※売切れ次第終了

Opening Hours: 9: 30-19: 00 ※ Closed when every item is sold out
Closed: Tuesday
1191-4 Takagi-cho Fuchu-chi Hiroshima Pref