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With its own technology and abundant know-how, aiming to expand overseas with drone

In recent years, the so-called drone is an unmanned aircraft that has remarkably developed and spreading around the world.
To enter into the rapidly growing market, “AileLinx” was established in 2018 in cooperation with “Hirobo” which has been developing radio controlled helicopters and industrial unmanned aerial vehicles for over 30 years and “Kitagawa corporation” which develops a wide range of businesses such as construction machines and automobile parts.
They deal with large industrial unmanned aerial vehicles that require advanced manufacturing technology.
It is used for missions with high difficulty, such as for disasters and for reconnaissance.
Using “Hirobo” original technology and “Kitagawa corporation” abundant industrial goods manufacturing know-how, they are aiming to advance into the unmanned aerospace industry where domestic and foreign manufacturers exert are overwhelming challenging.

Develop the foundation cultivated over many years with the power of human resources.

Representing “AileLinx” is an aircraft with two upper and lower propellers.
By arranging the propeller rotating in the reverse direction up and down, it is possible to eliminate the tail wings which may cause accidents and to achieve stable flight.
This aircraft, which is very difficult to program and has little production even on a worldwide basis, can be created because all of the development specialists who perform from design to production themselves are on active and it is a company that can precisely manufacture even unprecedented parts.
Advanced skills are required for experimenting unmanned industrial aircraft under development, but employees who have skills to win prizes at the national competition of unmanned helicopter helicopters belong to “Aile Linx”.
As a result, they can safely carry out the flight test, and also provide feedback on difficult problems that other companies can not find.
It is close to the day when an enthusiastic company with original technology, rich know-how, and excellent talent advance into the world.



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