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A small lovely doll will tell you the doll culture that used to be in this town long time ago.

Mitsuco living in Joge town creates “Mini Mitsuco-chan doll” which have a good smile and colorful costume.
An adorable smile of a doll makes us smile.
Mitsuco-san used to work in Tokyo after she left Sera county Hiroshima Pref which is her home town.
When she was despatched as Local Vitalization Cooperator to Joge town, she noticed the existence of ” Joge doll” which used be produced in this town from end of Edo era until early Showa era.
She said “I wants to convey the culture of doll making in this town.”
That’s way she started to learn local toys and “Miyoshi doll” which is traditional doll inherited in Miyoshi city Hiroshima Pref where Joge doll was also produced, then finaly started to produce her original doll.

Items with a seasonal feeling and dolls with ancient lucky charm.

“Mini Mitsuco-chan doll” is very unique because it has form and texture like local folk crafts and combination of bright and color in pop.
The face of a cute child is drawn on both sides of the front and back, and each doll has personality.
For example, there are seasonal items such as lemon, cherry blossoms, and tulips on one side, and on the other side there are “lucky things” such as sea bream of red color.
Those are the idea inspired by the ancient idea of “Taimochi Karako” wishing for the child’s healthy growth, “Red color is a color protecting you from evil”.
The nostalgic and new “Mini mitsuco-chan doll” tells us the doll culture of the town and the thought of people’s folk crafts.



Products available at event and some shops in Okayama and Tokyo.
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