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The CD shop existing in the country side is the "place of relaxation" for the music lover in town.

A decorative shop among the street of country side, it’s the shop named Joge record established 49 years ago by Akiko NODA who is the owner.
In past there was no CD shop in the Joge town.
Akiko-san who has experience to work in the record shop before coming to the town after marriage was asked from the people of the town every day to open up CD shop.
So she decided to opene this shop using money that she saved to come this place for marriage.
Currently this shop handles not only records but also CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes inside the store which was decorated very colorfully, music lovers of a wide range of generations such as high school students and regular customers are visiting.

Powerful & cute owner who express "Music is the power to live"

There are various genres such as classical and Western music rock, J pop, Enka, local artists are available here.Akiko-san especially liked the Beatles and Arashi and she said excitedly “I went three times to the Arashi concert, I did not sit at all during the performance.”
The karaoke room with the latest machines is settled on the 1st floor.
Sometimes for regular customers when they come to karaoke, Akiko-san will make dance performance in the gorgeous costume.
This shop is attractive because there is her presence. Her existence expresses the word “music is the power to live”.
“I am preparing to open a coffee shop now, I want to make a music museum one day!” she said.
Akiko-san is chasing her dream powerfully today as well.



Opening hours: 10: 00-19: 00
Closed : Sunday (occasionally closed temporarily)
364-1 Joge Joge-cho Fuchu-shi Hiroshima Pref