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Kimonos with family history and stories are remade to modern dresses and accessories.

“Joge style” is located in the shopping district of Fuchu city Joge town where is rich in atmosphere.
It is a shop that remakes kimono into dresses and accessories.
The Kimono are inherited from grandmother to mother, from mother to daughter and each generation used kimono for a very important occasion of family, so it’s full of good memories of family.
Kimono is an important thing full of family history, but there are many people who throw away because of “There is no person to wear” , “There is no chance to wear”.
“Joge style” reborn Kimono completely in accordance with the sense of the present so that the owner can use it for a long time.
“I am glad if you can remember your own roots by changing the shape and taking over, for example remaking the kimono to the dress and tailoring the old dress to a small item such as a bag.” said owner Junko MANO.

The mind that modern Japanese have forgotten is revived by kimono.

Kimono dress of”Kimono style” is the elegant flare and color scheme are very stylish.
MANO-san’s sophisticated sense and the wonderful work of the staff were appreciated, so now there are many requests for remaking of fine kimonos from various places.
“Since this kimono is filled with the customer’s feelings and the history of the family, every time I tailor it I get nervous” said MANO-san.
Understanding the order of customers and proposing designs based on their lifestyle and occupation, and finally only one dress in the world can be made.
Mr. Mano is also handling kimono events for foreign tourists, and feel that Japanese may not have the feelings to cherish traditional culture.
Some of you may understand this feeling.
“Joge style” reminds me of the importance of continuing to use old things through remaking of kimono.


TEL:090-2946-4654 ※来店は前日までに要予約

※ Visit to the shop must be booked on the previous day.
822-1 Joge Joge-cho Fuchu-shi Hiroshima Pref