【里山レストラン 村の灯】自然豊かな山の中で味わうベテランシェフの本格洋食

里山レストラン 村の灯


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ここは府中市諸毛町。標高480m、市街地の喧騒から離れた山の上に『里山レストラン 村の灯』はある。風に揺れる木々と穏やかな湖、澄んだ空気が迎えてくれる一軒で楽しめるのは、イタリア料理店やフランス料理店などで約20年キャリアを積んだ土井シェフが手がける本格派の洋食。自身も諸毛町出身である彼は「地元ではなかなか味わえないものを」と手間暇かけたグリルや煮込み料理、時には町産の野菜をおしゃれにアレンジしたメニューなど、渾身のひと皿を提供している。



In a mountain in rich nature, You can taste Western cuisine by veteran chef.

“Thank you for eating all the dishes”
The chef smiles with a happy face, looking at all the dishes that were completely eaten.
The restaurant “Yamasato restaurant mura-no-tomoshibi” is located at the mountain(480m above sea) of Moroke-town Fuchu-city which is away from the city.
In this restaurant you can enjoy the trees swaying in the wind, a calm lake, clear air, and enjoy Western foods handled by the Chef “Mr Doi” who have good careers for about 20 years at Italian restaurants and French restaurants.
He was born in Moroke-town and offers special dishes that can not be found locally, such as grilled and stewed dishes, sometimes menus that fashionably arrange vegetables from the town.

Expressing appreciation to visitors by providing a lunch that he cook without compromise.

Particularly popular is “lantern lunch (limited to 12 meals a day, recommended for reservation)” which includes a large number of side dishes such as rich in main dish.
Everything is handmade and has volume, there are customers who visit many times from outside the city due to the amazingly reasonable price of 800JPY.
Let’s see the grill of pork loin meat which is one of the main dishes.
This dish is cooked in a very time-consuming way, pork is first marinated and then smoked and then baked slowly.
“I always think about how to satisfy customers who come from far away. I am always worried whether customers will be pleased or no. So, I am very happy when customers eat all the dishes.” said Mr Doi.
His cooking expresses sincere thoughts and fills not only the customer’s stomach but also the heart.



Opening hours: 11: 00 to 14: 00
Closed: Monday · Tuesday
12944-1 Moroke-cho Fuchu-shi Hiroshima Pref