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The work to talk with people taught me True self-confidence.

“Even if you pretend to be cool in the radio and MC work, the words represent yourself. I learned that self-confidence is something that is created naturally, not ones that can be created intentionally.”
This is the words of Eri Takao who is writer of “RaSHiKu”, she is also presenter of TV in Hiroshima.
Accessories such as precise drawings and combinations of different materials, canned badges of pop illustration etc, the item she deals with is really genre less.
”Individuality of the maker is naturally born in the work without being conscious of the person”.
She does not fix the kind and taste of the work, and develops various creative activities.

Movements of inspiration and feelings It is naturally expressed in the work.

The characteristic of her creation is not to imagine a complete figure at all.
She does not hesitate and chooses materials and changes the touch of the picture to match the motions of the moment and emotion.
Her wide-ranging style such as a delicate and energetic postcard and earrings that create a friendly atmosphere of felt and wool is a multifaceted and flowing style, and it is not necessary to be bound by stereotypes.
“I want to make items that can draw out not only my personality but also the personality of people who use it” she said.
When you get lost or worried, products of “RaSHiKu,” packed with pleasure and joy of being honest in your heart should encourage you.



Exhibiting events occasionally.
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