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Music with harmony of Japanese drums and Western drums Represent the hometown and scene.

“Garyu” blend the Japanese drums and Western drums and create new genres of music.
They are active not only in Japan but also abroad based on Moroke Town Fuchu city where Takashi TAKEUCHI who is Japanese drumer is coming from.
They express the scene of Mukai Town surrounded by fertile fields and deeply growing trees by song.
“I want to share with the listener the pleasant memory that I had in Town such as memories that I played in the mountains during my childhood.” said Takashi-san.
Syunsuke KOMOTO also said “While making creative activities while feeling the rich nature with the five senses, I became fond of this town”.
They are disseminating the charm of the town all over the world through music.

I want to convey "Wadaiko" culture to children and overseas people.

Members of Garyu produce ideal drums with their own hands to pursue the best sound and reverberation.They cut out the skin and applied leather to drums specially made by Fuchu woodworkers.
They are actively teaching their production techniques to other organizations.
For example, Japanese drums possessed by regional elementary and junior high schools, many of them can not be used.
By having them properly restored, they want to increase the opportunities for children to become familiar with Japanese drums.
In overseas performances, they taught how to make his own hands on local players who can not get good Japanese drums.
“Since I want to become a power of people in trouble, I am doing activities to expand knowledge of Japanese drumming culture” Takashi-san said with smile.
Teaching technology and knowledge for them is a proof of friendship to people who love Japanese drums.
Their thoughts and activities will continue to spread beyond generations and borders.



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