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Connecting "companies which want to make some" in Japan and "companies which can make some" in Fuchu

Fuchu city is known as “woodworking town” but in fact there are many companies with technological skills in the field of metalworking.
Daisuke YAMAJI was in charge of system development in Yokohama in the past as a manufacturer dealing software for manufacturing industry · CAD / CAM.
As an area manager of Chugoku and Shikoku, we also had sales activities based in Fuchu City.
While grasping each company’s strengths and weaknesses while visiting various local companies, he noticed that no company in the company was successful in promoting technical skills.
So Mr. Yamaji independently developed a business called “Monomira”.
He launched a portal site that will become a “contact point for Monodukuri”.
In the website it’s introducing Fuchu-shi metal processing company that can fulfill it for company which want to make such products.
And he is also working on creating a local network that can connect each local companyto rent machines and request pre-processing.

Using IT technology to open up the future of the town.

“Monomira” supports machine utilization and production management for manufacturers through CAD / CAM operation support, data creation and system development.
In addition, he can respond to requests for the production of prototypes by 3D printing such as resin system and wax, as well as prototypes using various CAD / CAM skills of our company and processing technology of affiliated companies.
Recently he is also challenging a wide range of projects, including manufacturing drone.
He is trying to open up unknown possibilities by widely disseminating the advanced technical capabilities of local companies.
“Monomira” must become the existence that supports the future of companies and craftworkers engaged in manufacturing in Fuchu City from the aspect of IT technology.


広島県府中市元町445-1 府中商工会議所3F

3F Chamber of commerce 445-1 Motomachi Fuchu-chi Hiroshima Pref