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切りっぱなしの端革をそのまま大胆に使ったり、カラフルな染料染めのレザーとナチュラルなヌメ革を組み合わせたり、手縫いのステッチでアクセントをつけたり。革作家・さえきまりさんが手がける『pono』のバッグや小物は、どれも遊びゴコロに溢れている。「手を加えていない、自然のものが好き。革に元々付いている傷やカタチが不揃いな切れ端は、私にとって宝物! どう活かそうかワクワクしてくるんです」と目を輝かせるさえきさん。通常ならば欠点とみなされ、排除されがちな素材にも魅力を見出し、自由にイメージを膨らませながら独創的な革作品を生み出している。

あるがままの美しさと 経年変化の魅力を感じて


leather work full of playfulness. It is a treasure that shine both scores and scratches.

using bold end leather as it is, combining leather with colorful dyed leather and natural leather, adding stitches with hand stitches.
Bags and accessories of “pono” handmade by leather writer Mari SAEKI are full of playfulness.
“I like nature’s things. The scratches and shapes originally attached to the leather are great treasure for me.I’m getting excited about how I can make use of it” said Mari SAEKI.
Even for materials that are usually regarded as defects and usually eliminated, she is trying to discover charm and expanding the image freely to create original leather works.

Attractiveness of beauty and aging as it is.

In her work, a surprisingly good design and ease of use coexist.
For example, bag with no gore stitched with two leather cut roundly.
The flat look is fresh, but in reality it is large capacity, leather of the bottom part grows while using it, then spce get wider.
Depending on the amount of baggage you use and the items you insert, even the same design will change to a completely different form and texture.
It’s strong because it’s all hand-sewn, so if it has damege you can ask for rework.
The leather item of “pono” that makes irregular shapes and scratches shine tells us the comfort of having a long time relationship with the items loving the way it is.